Natural & sustainable, their  usage in textiles dates back to ancient times, providing warmth & comfort, along with an abundance of design/usage possibilities.


Fibres that, in their raw form appear simple, yet are so beautifully complex they remain unrivalled by any man-made substitute. 


For further information on the properties of these fibres click HERE.

As a business we have gone through many changes, but we haven’t lost touch of what is important to us... 
-  Use the best natural raw materials. 
-  Work with craftsman who take pride in their skills.
-  Offer something unique...
From a student in Scotland knitting my first Cashmere sweater with yarn gifted from a local mill - a mis-shapen, oversized jumper, which even today is still worn, even if a little over loved...  
It’s a single, continuous thread that weaves its way from my earliest creations more than twenty years ago, to the passion I still hold for luxury fibres - silk, cashmere and fine merino - today. 


Upcoming Events...


Sunday 10th November


FANS French Market

Hours: 9am - 4pm

Website Link:  Killarney School, Sydney



Sunday 24th November


Palm Beach Market. 

Hours: 9am - 3pm

Website Link: Palm Beach


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