The Wonders of Australian Merino Wool!

The Wonders of Australian Merino Wool!

Wonders of Merino Wool

Why we love Merino wool? Because it keeps us warm or cool, better than any other material, it makes us perspire less and it’s easy to care for. Australian Merino wool is fine and mild, and it never itches. The secret to its softness is in its exceptionally fine fibres.


Australian Merino wool is:

Soft and Elastic

Unlike other coarse wool fibers, the structure of the Merino wool fiber is very soft and highly elastic. It can bend and follow the body’s movements much more than other wool fibers, making it easily stretch and return to its original shape. Merino wool feels gentle on your skin, making it very comfortable to wear.

Warm and Cool or Cool Wool

Unlike synthetic fibres, Merino wool is always active and it reacts to your body’s changes. So, it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Wool preserves heat and diffuses it slowly around the body.

Breathable, Static Resistant and Odor Resistant

Merino wool absorbs moisture (up to a third of its volume in water, without getting wet) and releases it in the air, so it always breathes and it’s never clammy. It also absorbs sweat and odors and it doesn’t create static electricity, so it sits well on your body and it attracts less lint and dust.

Easy to Care for (TEC – Total Easy Care)

Merino wool is elastic and wrinkle resistant, as mentioned above it stretches and returns to its original shape easily, so you don’t need to iron it as much. But the best part is that when you need to wash it, for many garment styles you can do this on a wool cycle wash on your  washing machine.


All these properties show the versatility of Merino wool. It keeps you at comfort in any situation making it the ideal natural fiber. It’s one of the most moisture resistant and insulating materials.

Why choose a Merino wool blanket

Merino wool blankets have always been a source of comfort and warmth, and they are a perfect addition to any household. Our blankets are knitted in a double knit structure, which makes them more durable and able to be machine washed (wool cycle). Each year we knit our snowflake design in a selection of new shades. 

In the summer, take a blanket to the beach for a picnic, while for those cooler times, cuddle up on the sofa, with a good book, a glass of wine and a log fire!

Merino wool blankets are very popular since Merino is one of the finest and softest types of wool, being considered the cashmere of wool. So, they make a perfect gift for any occasion: Christmas, christenings, weddings and so on.


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