Index Dubai!

Index Dubai!

We are in Dubai now preparing for our first Middle Eastern Trade show - Index Dubai which runs Monday 26th - Thursday 29th March.

For those looking for us (or anyone who loves a beautiful wool blanket!). Please note our stand is located in Hall 4, Position 4E190.

Index Dubai Trade Show  blankets & throws

And for those wondering why on earth we are trying to sell a wool blanket in a location known for it's hot weather?  We have a few words  -  air conditioning and wool's natural properties of warmth and breathability...

Having lived in Shanghai where summer nights were unbearable without the air conditioning constantly running, as you sleep, your body cools down considerably and actually becomes cold under the air conditioning.  A wool blanket insulates, providing warmth at 2am when you are sleeping and possibly chilly, but this same fibre also "breathes"  naturally releasing heat, as and when you warm up.   

Yes, there are lots of lovely cotton quilts & duvets out there, but there is nothing quite like our herringbone wool blanket...

And the one thing we have learned, is that people love their homes, feel their bedrooms are places of sanctuary and make many efforts to personalise them, often with one of our blankets....!