And so, it came to be that the bag of cashmere yarn, thoughtfully dumped on the doorstep of my university dorm, was lugged to the knitting rooms of The Scottish College of Textiles. 
Here, it was transformed into two misshapen, oversized and well-loved jumpers. It’s a single, continuous thread that weaves its way from my earliest creations more than twenty years ago, to the passion I still hold for luxury fibres - silk, cashmere and fine merino - today. 
In beautiful properties the world over, you’ll find my blankets nestled amongst treasured artwork and homewares. They’re expressions of love and comfort for families and homes alike. They’re the pieces we select with love and for someone you love - as a wedding gift, to welcome a newborn. My blankets are the very things that make a house, a home.   


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It’s is a term that gets bandied about in the savvy marketing-speak of today’s mass-made products. But ‘classic design’ means more than just how something looks or feels. 


They stand the test of time and are indeed, the best things in life. Friendship. A glass of wine. Shared meals. Heartfelt conversation and laughter with family and friends. Being wrapped in your favourite blanket and knowing there’s no other place you’d rather be. By their very nature, classic, timeless designs are an intrinsic part of our story that we pass down to our loved ones. 


I don’t make blankets just because I love luxury items. I am fascinated by a material that, in its raw form appears simple, yet is so beautifully complex that it remains unrivalled by any man-made substitute. 


Natural, sustainable, oh-so-soft but easy to care for. Wool is a material dating back to ancient times, providing not only comfort and warmth but an abundance of new possibilities.  

blankets and throws durable wool blankets
Olivia Graham is the woman behind the global success story that is Blankets and Throws. 
Her blankets respond a unique gap in the market. Their a one-of-a-kind 210cm width, multi-colour designs, extensive colour range to complement client’s existing décor, and low MOQs means Olivia’s fine Australian Merino wool blankets are favoured by interior designers, boutique hotels, and discerning private residences. 
With yarn spun by the masters, Zegna Baruffa of Italy, the double-layer knit structure of Olivia’s blankets add further allure to the obvious benefits of natural wool fibres. 
A perfect balance of sustainable and natural materials, design, craftsmanship, durable form and function, 
blankets and throws durable wool blankets, environmentally friendly
BLANKETS AND THROWS quality without compromise
blankets and throws, quality merino wool blankets

Olivia holds a BSc Hons in textiles from The Scottish College of Textiles, a world leader and the second-oldest institution of its kind.   


Concluding with a thesis on pilling - which oddly enough has proved very useful over the years...


A two-decade career in textile and fashion production, development and business operations has followed, working with the luxury fibres of silk, cashmere and superfine merino.  This has taken her around the world and into the studios of high-end designers & brands sourcing, designing and producing  their ranges.






"Combining quality materials, design, and world-class craftsmanship, to arrive at a product both beautiful in form and practical in function. 


They’re the result of an unwavering love for one’s chosen craft, and indeed, a more beautiful way of life."



blankets and throws, quality merino wool blankets


blankets and throws luxuriously soft wool blankets