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Olivia's complete guide to caring for your Cashmere

Cashmere Goat

Cashmere is one of the world’s finest and most delicate natural fibres. Look after your cashmere garment with love & care and it will reward you, by both lasting a long time and continuing to feel soft and luxurious wash after wash.

Cashmere is a protein fibre, like our own hair and as such responds well to the same gentle washing methods to cleanse and re-freshen. For this reason we recommend hand washing as being the best way to care your Cashmere.


Hand wash your Cashmere with a mild hair shampoo

Hand washing will always produce the best results for washing your Cashmere garments. We have always found that a mild hair shampoo gives a great result. Roll your garment in a towel to remove excess water and lie flat. Pat into shape and allow to dry flat.

Use a cool iron on the reverse side to prevent glazing. If you have a little accident with red wine and cannot get the stain out with hand washing, then take your garment to a specialist dry cleaner for expert attention.

Hand Washing Cashmere | Olivia Graham Cashmere
Caring for Cashmere, Olivia Graham Cashmere


Pills are easily removed by hand and reduce over time

Such a fine fibre that has gone through a variety of manufacturing processes to become your garment, initially some cashmere fibre will naturally shed. After wearing, you may find small pills forming on the surface of your garment.

Pills form as a result of loose fibres tangling together in areas of wear. This can be everyday wear such as under the arm, the friction of seat belts or rough textured bag straps & fabrics. Pills are easily removed. Pick them off by hand or use a cashmere comb. In time the fibre settles, pilling reduces and your cashmere looks flawless for longer.


When storing clean Cashmere, scent your wardrobe with lavendar

Fold your garment and pack it into a breathable bag, air your wardrobe regularly - all of this helps reduce visitors such as moths and silverfish. Clean your sweaters before you store them. Moths are already attracted to natural fibres, and will be even more so if they include a snack!

Scent your wardrobe with cedar balls, camphor or hanging lavender sachets, These all naturally repel bugs and moths who are not partial to the smell. Always check your knitwear, just in case it has had visitors. As they say “a stitch in time, saves nine!”


 Hand Washing Cashmere, Olivia Graham Cashmere