Our Story



Who is Olivia Graham Cashmere?

The Scottish College of Textiles is the second oldest textile institution in the world, dating back to 1883. It was here that I took my first steps towards the Industry known as Textiles & Clothing. After graduating, I worked in the UK as a Garment Technologist, later turning to Production Management, and experiencing first-hand the movement of manufacturing overseas, in-particular to China.

My role for the last ten years (five of which were spent living in China), has been that of sourcing and supplying Silk & Cashmere products for various labels worldwide, including some of Australia’s leading Designers. Just as in Australia, in China I also found craftsman passionate about their products, knowing where their raw materials were sourced, using the latest manufacturing knowledge and implementing good quality control. It is with these mills and factories that I continue to work with today.

What is our Product?

People traditionally think of Cashmere as being a winter item. We feels it’s time to change this perception.

The properties of the cashmere fibre, it’s crimp (which gives a natural stretch) as well as it’s warmth, incredible softness, and breathability make this fibre, incredibly comfortable in many different climates and temperatures.  

For our "trans-seasonal"  range, we work with blends such as Silk & Cashmere, knitting super-fine yarns to create garments that are thinner, lighter and cooler to wear, perfectly suited for those warmer days.  Yet if one finds one self caught under air-conditioning, then the subtle warmth of the cashmere provides a level of comfort to the wearer.

Our ranges are tailored for "real" women whether they be in the office or travelling. We craft pieces that are comfortable to wear with little details such as ribbed sleeves for fit and comfort, and a longer length body on our singlet so that does not “ride” up every time you move.

Our knitting suppliers have worked with Cashmere for many years, they understand this fibre, and it's production from the importance of knitting tight tension, to what wash finish to use to give a garment that has a clean hand feel, softness and long lasting wear.