As a business we have gone through many changes, but we haven’t lost touch of what is important to us... 
-  Use the best natural raw materials. 
-  Work with craftsman who take pride in their skills.
-  Offer something unique...
Our blankets are designed to reflect a customer's individual lifestyle, décor & needs with timelessness & warmth.  

Merino sheep first arrived to Australia 1788, descendants from the royal merino flocks of Spain. 


Even though this wool quality was already considered to be fine, it was the MacArthurs who with their selective and pure breeding methods produced a truly authentic Australian Merino, which had even finer wool fibre. 


It is this superfine micron fibre that we use in our blankets, its natural properties providing softness, comfort and warmth.



Environmental awareness is important, we are all well aware of the “islands of plastic”. With Wool, when disposed of in soil, it will naturally decompose in a short time, breaking down to release valuable nutrients into the ground. 




Wool is a hygroscopic fibre. As the humidity in the air changes, the fibre compensates absorbing and releasing water vapour. Wool constantly reacts to changes in body temperature, maintaining its wearer’s thermos-physical comfort in both cold and warm weather.


Wool fibres are crimped, when spun in a yarn and knitted into blankets, this tightly packed “crimping” contains millions of tiny pockets of air. Combined with the fibres unique structure allows it to absorb and release moisture (up to 30% of it’s weight), keeping the wearer comfortable




Wool is naturally safe. It is not known to cause allergies and does not promote the growth of bacteria. Thanks to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is naturally flame-retardant, having a far higher ignition point than many other fibres.

“Merino sheep are all over the world, but Australian Merino has a softness and style that can only be found in the sheep raised in Australia.” 

Alfredo Botto Poala 

President of Zegna Baruffa 


Zegna Baruffa, Italy is renowned worldwide for their innovative spinning skills. They produce many quality yarns, one being “Cashwool” which we use in our blankets. 


 Cashwool is spun from a specially sourced merino wool fibre quality, one that has a superb level of fineness and pureness. When spun Baruffa obtain an incredibly soft, absolutely white, lightweight yarn with a smooth clean finish. This yarn has luminosity, good colour fastness and comes in an extensive array of rich and subtle tones, something which the Italians are famous for.

Our knitters are experts with fine fibre knitting techniques, being familiar with the latest manufacturing techniques, and finishes. 


This blanket is knitted as a double layer construction which gives it a good weight & drape factor. The Merino Blankets can also be wool cycle machine washed, even with it’s generous size and the superfine wool fibre quality used to knit it. 


Knowing our knitters for many years, we know they produce not only products of exceptional quality, but ones that meet international ecological standards. They themselves believing in sustainability and the preservation of natural and community resources for future generations.

All our blankets are vigorously tested prior to production, exposed to the rituals of daily life, they are slept on by our cats, snuggled with on the sofa, we know they get enjoyed by all members of the family be they two legged or four.   


Nowaday's we prefer larger sized beds, however many blankets are still only 155cm -180cm wide.  Our blanket with it's 210cm width covers comfortably most beds, and those sleeping underneath,




Being Machine Washable, is being practical. And with our blankets you can wool cycle machine wash them, but, first read our washing care guide. We have much experience over the years, and know full well the effect that washing & temperature can have on your final blanket size!

We all appreciate a good night’s sleep. Various studies have been conducted re the effectiveness of wool in clothing and bedding on sleep quality. The results showing that merino natural wool’s natural ability to regulate temperature fluctuations & manage humidity, had a positive impact on sleep quality as it kept the sleeper comfortable by cooling when it was warm, and providing warmth when it was cool.