Machine Washing Wool Items

Look after your Merino Blanket with love & care and it will reward you, by both lasting a long time and continuing to feel soft and luxurious wash after wash.  We wash all our Merino Blankets, in a front loader washing machine on a Wool Wash Cycle. 

Our advice and guidelines are as follows:

  • In Australia, the machine we have used, is a front loader machine, with a very gentle "Wool Cycle" and we wash at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees.  This machine we know well and have used it for many years on our cashmere items.
  • If you are unsure of your washing machine's abilities, then get your blanket professionally dry-cleaned.
  • After washing, your blanket will be heavier, we do not recommend the hanging your blanket when wet, as this will cause it to stretch, and may even damage your blanket. Instead, lie your blanket flat and let it dry naturally, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not Bleach
  • Do not Tumble Dry (unless you want a much smaller blanket)


  • Wash or dry-clean your blanket reasonably regularly.
  • If you have a little accident with red wine etc don't delay and risk staining, take your blanket to a specialist dry cleaner for expert attention.


  • Such a fine fibre that has gone through a variety of manufacturing processes to become your blanket, initially some wool fibre will naturally shed. After usage, you may find a few small pills forming on the surface.
  • Pills form as a result of loose fibres tangling together in areas of wear. This can be everyday rubbing such as a pet snuggling and making themselves comfortable on the blanket or friction from contact with rough textured surfaces & fabrics ie when used outdoors on wooden furniture.
  • Pills are easily removed. Pick them off by hand or use a depiller. 

Moth protection for wool, lavender


  • When not using your blanket, pack it into a breathable bag, air your cupboards regularly - all of this helps reduce visitors such as moths and silverfish.
  • Clean your blankets before you store them. Moths are already attracted to natural fibres, and will be even more so if they include a snack!
  • Scent your cupboard with cedar balls, camphor or hanging lavender sachets, These all naturally repel bugs and moths who are not partial to the smell. Regularly check your cupboards, and replace balls/sachets when the smell has faded, if you cannot smell anything, neither will the moths...