Washing Your Pashmina!


This article was originally written for our delicate Pashmina Shawls.

However, I have found this useful in general for all my Cashmere items, be they handwoven wraps or jumpers.

Washing your Pashmina, Pashmina Care, Pashmina Washing Instructions

Washing Essentials:
Use a bowl rather than a sink/basin (have found the top of the plug can catch and snag your pashmina if not careful).  Have a nice thick towel, use a gentle washing liquid.  It can be Shampoo, or in this case I have used a  Earth Choice's Wool & Delicates wash.  Fill the bowl with warm water, luke warm to warm is what we found ideal, warm enough to break down oil & grease ie make-up, oil from the skin, but not so hot that it has an adverse effect of your pashmina.
The "Squeezing" Motion:
Your pashmina by it's very nature is delicate, so the washing and handling should reflect this.  With a gentle squeezing motion, allow the warm water and shampoo to enter and cleanse your pashmina,  often I also leave my pashmina for a few minutes to soak, before rinsing in warm water.   When lifting your pashmina from the bowl, use both hands as it will be heavy with water, and could be more inclined to stretch and/or distort.
Removing Excess Water:
Lie your towel on the ground, and simply place your pashmina on top, it does not need to be fully opened out, just loosely place it on your roll before rolling and squeezing the towel to effectively remove the excess water.
On a clothes rack, a table, or whatever your preference, as long as it is in the shade, gently lie your pashmina to dry.  It won't take long!  After it has dried, it can then be fully opened and given a light press (wool iron setting), then it is ready once again to be lovingly wrapped around your shoulders!
And no matter how much your loved ones offer to help or participate, if you are not confident in their washing skills, gently say no!  Anna prefers watching rather than washing, but is more than happy to partake in sleeping on the drying item, just to confirm it is soft and smells good!

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